Mascot History

Encore University is a non-profit ministry of Valley Presbyterian Church for persons “50 and better” in the greater Paradise Valley and Scottsdale community. Encore offers a diverse program of artistic and intellectual classes, special events, speakers, cultural experiences, and adventure and travel activities.

The mission of Encore University is to build new relationships, to foster a sense of community, to study scripture, to participate in other adventures in lifelong learning, and to experience enriched lives and faith via action.

In June 2012, a Blue Ribbon Team was gathered and challenged with the question: What would it look like to have the best program possible to meet the needs and wants of Valley Presbyterian Church’s largest demographic, those 50 years and over?

Research very quickly indicated that this very same age demographic is also part of the largest and fastest growing demographic in the world. The Team soon found that the “50 and better” want to continue learning, to continue being active and adventurous, to learn more about social networking, and to make a difference in their communities.

The Blue Ribbon Team then studied many senior universities springing up nationwide and began to catch a vision for the university concept at Valley Presbyterian Church. The Blue Ribbon Team evolved into a Start-Up Team and over the next year developed the concept and gave birth to Encore University.