Updates from Encore

Encore University is a place to be, a place of community, a place of encouragement, a place of comfort and welcome, a place to pursue knowledge, a place to study God’s word, a place of giving and a place of receiving. Encore is a confirmation that senior life is valued and continues even after retirement. It truly is an “Adventure in Life Long Learning;” a treasure with rich purpose for a special group of people.

Here at Valley Presbyterian Church, we are entering into a phase of big change. Soon you will see demolition and rebuilding in a grand effort to join the various age demographics into a central worship space and enhanced campus landscape. This campaign is called, “A New Heart For The Valley.” Within this campaign, Encore University will also undergo revisions and updates under new leadership. We will continue to notify our students of future plans as they are made available.

A special thank you to our students for many wonderful years of learning and we look forward to future experiences with you.

With Blessing and a Heart for Christ,
Encore University